Products of company 'RENTMEDIA'

The camera equipment designed and produced by the company RENTMEDIA is in constant requisition in Ukraine and abroad, as it is:

  • able to provide high stabilization level (including long-focus object-glass with focal distance up to 300 mm);
  • quickly and easily assembled;
  • convenient in transportation;
  • stable and not cumbersome, reliable in work;
  • smooth in movement; - extra durable;
  • noiseless; - free of excess cables;
  • comparably affordable and competitive;
  • appreciated and recognized by professional cameramen all over the world.

The equipment offered gives unique opportunities to its users, which is an advantage contrasting to the produce by other companies.More detailed information can be obtained directly from the company’s specialists who will be glad to give you professional advice. We produce new generation equipment with high reliability level.