Stabilized panoramic heads «ACTIVE HEAD X»

This model of panoramic head is one of few stabilizing systems in the world able to provide high stabilization level during work with discrete object-glasses and zoom lens with 300 mm focal distance.

It allows receiving of a clear-cut image in movement owing to the stabilizing system Active Head X, provides stable picture in any conditions (including extreme) and offers an opportunity to realize any artistic ideas.

With the help of remotely controlled panoramic head with three- axial stabilization Active Head X, the cameraman can control all parameters of film and video cameras from a distance. It is firm, rather easy to use, responsive to commands and smooth in movement. Comprehensible operation offers easy and precise panning, camera angle, zoom lens control and focusing, allows 360-degree shooting. Not only can you record picturesque sights or trick scenes, it is also possible to put cameras into out-of-the-way places to shoot from, no matter how far the cameraman is.

The system has proved itself in work during mass events (festivals, holidays, concerts etc.), film shooting, complex staging.

The advantages of the system are the following:

  • reliability in work;
  • extra durability;
  • easy assembling;
  • quick object-glass change (when using film cameras) and cassette change (without taking the camera off the head and involving technical stuff);
  • high stabilization level (including long-focus object-glass with focal distance up to 300 meters);
  • easy operation;
  • strict difference between «roll» and «tangage» functions;
  • remote control over object-glass parameters (focus, aperture, zoom);
  • low noise level;
  • possibility of revolving the camera on its optic axis;
  • compatibility with different camera types: ARRIFLEX, BETACAM, MOVIECAM, RED, HD, Viper etc.

The operating characteristics of Active Head X:

Height(max) 650 mm
Width 700 mm
Depth(max) 500 mm
Power supply 220V~ +/-15% *1,5А
Alternative supply 12V +/-0,7V *20А
Course angular speed 110 digsec
Tangage angular speed 100 digsec
Roll angular speed 80 digsec
Angular acceleration (without axes) 160 digс 2
Weight 27 kg