Stabilized panoramic heads «ACTIVE HEAD Z»

«ACTIVE HEAD Z» is a remotely controlled panoramic head made from a light-weight alloy, having three- axial stabilization.

The characteristics of the model:

  • improved stabilization level allows tougher exploitation conditions, leaving the picture stable;
  • higher angular velocity on all axes comparing to the X-series;
  • decent design;
  • compact size;
  • light weight of the head itself;
  • convenient and fast rebalancing of the head during lens exchange;
  • 360° turning of the camera;
  • reliability in work;
  • quick assembling;
  • remote control over object-glass parameters (focus, aperture, zooming);
  • compatibility with different camera types: ARRIFLEX, BETACAM, MOVIECAM, RED, HD, Viper etc.

This model perfectly suits all types of cranes, remotely controlled platforms, helicopter systems etc.

The operating characteristics of Active Head Z:

Height(max) 950 mm
Width 715 mm
Depth(max) 850 mm
Power supply 220V~ +/-15% *1,5А
Alternative supply 12V +/-0,7V *20А
Course angular speed 130 digsec
Tangage angular speed 120 digsec
Roll angular speed 100 digsec
Angular acceleration (without axes) 190 digс2
Weight 21,5 kg