Remotely controlled panoramic head «ACTIVE HEAD Z II Hard»

This a remotely controlled panoramic gyro stabilized head is designed to be able to work with 3D Rig and heavy cameras. On the Active Head Z II Hard can be easily set up different types of 3D Rig such companies as 3ality Digital, P + S Technik, etc. There is available Joystick control sytem.

The characteristics of the model:

  • Convenient and fast rebalancing of the head during lens exchange
  • Setup time 30-40 min
  • Mitchell mount
  • perfectly suits all types of cranes, remotely controlled platforms, helicopter systems etc.

Technical data Active Head Z II Hard

Height 995 mm
Width 834 mm
Depth 640 mm
Power supply 220V~ +/-10% *1,5А
Alternative supply An external scaler
Pan angular speed (max) 200 degsec
Tilt angular speed (max) 120 degsec
Roll angular speed (max) 120 degsec
Weight 36,5 kg