Rail camera cranes COK-10P

The camera crane COK-10P complete with three-axial hyrostabilized panoramic head is used for any film and video production (TV-programs, flicks, feature and documentary films) that require complicated staging. The crane type is equipped with 700 mm gauge rails.

The specific feature of this camera crane is ability to combine two motions in one (analogously to telescope, with a much less price as an advantage), which allows additional dynamics of the picture.

The use of hyrostabilized panoramic head offers unique shots regardless of shooting conditions, such as wind or movement on an uneven surface.

The main merits of COK-10P:

  • light-weight construction;
  • quick assembling and disassembling;
  • money saving comparing to telescopes;
  • steadier picture comparing to other rail cranes due to Active Head stabilizing system.

The operating characteristics of COK-10P:

Maximum arm length 9,8 m
Minimum arm length 3 m
Maximum lifting height 7,6 m
Repetition factor of the arm 2 m 2 m
Total height in horizontal position 2,65 m
Width of the rail track 0,7 m
Length of the counterbalance part 2 m
Operation corridor size 4 m х L of panorama
Nominal arm loading 60 kg