Telescopic Camera Crane MOVIE BIRD – 45.

MOVIE BIRD – 45 – this is the largest model from the family of telescopic crane company "MOVIE BIRD". It is equipped with a standard package on functions inherent only a model of telescopic cranes this manufacturer.


  • choice of speed ranges
  • programming start and end points
  • possibility to install on the rails
  • possibility to overturn panoramic head, what increases the height of the optical axis
  • special belt system , which ensures quiet operation mechanisms

Compactness – that is a weighty pluses of this model. Despite its size, it is compact for transportation and easy to operate. MOVIE BIRD – 45 – it’s telescopic crane, which is recognized worldwide market for television and film production.

Technical features of MOVIE BIRD - 45:

Maximum lifting height 13,5m
Maximum arm length 11,25m
Maximum speed 2,5m/s
Overall weight 1720kg
Overall length 16,15m