Remotely Controlled Camera Dolly "STELS - II"

This dolly provides movement on straight and radial rails. The platform is equipped with two levers (“hands”) where one or two heads ACTIVE HEAD are mounted.

The distinctive feature of this construction is independence of the two levers from each other, which allows changing heights of optic axes of camera mounted on whatever lever simultaneously.

The main advantages of "Stels - II" dolly:

  • Provides 360 degree shooting;
  • Option to mount 1 or 2 panoramic heads;
  • Independence of the two levers from each other, which allows obtaining a higher diversity pictures;
  • Maximum speed of 5 m./sec.;
  • Stable picture die to heads ACTIVE HEAD;

* recommended for use with ACTIVE HEAD gyrostabilized panoramic heads

The operating characteristics of STELS - II:

Platform dimensions 1500 mm х 600 mm
Maximum speed 5 m/s
Maximum acceleration 0,7 m/(s2)