Remotely controlled speed camera dolly "Active dolly"

Remotely controlled camera dolly " Active dolly " is a platform that provides straight movement on a rail pattern with the help of programmable controlled winches. Dynamic shooting of sport and movies is available with the help of this platform that provides stable picture in every case.

The main advantages of "Active dolly":

  • Higher speed opportunities and better quality of picture comparing to a handcart;
  • Dynamics of the picture.

The operating characteristics:

Platform dimensions 1300mm х 668mm
Width of the rail track 500 mm
Operation corridor size 1000 mm
Power supply 380V 3phases 30kWmax
Maximum speed 8-15 m/s
Maximum acceleration 3 m/(s2)
Allowable slope of the installation ground 0-90°
Maximum/minimum temperature 313/233 К; (+40/-30)°С
Relative air humidity 80%