The system of rectilinear motion "PLANER"

The system of the combined and rectilinear motion "Planer combo"

The camera system "Planer combo" is the pendant system , that provides movement of the remote-operated trolley on the rectilinear, radial or combined trajectory.

The same as and "Planer", the system is very compact, silent and equipped with a special cable-laying system. "Planer combo" has well proved itself both in concert halls, and on shootings of the studio projects.

Technical characteristics of the pendant system "Planer combo":

Platform dimensions 630mm х 380mm
Width of the rail track 350mm
Operation corridor size 660mm
Installation point of the cableway Aluminium traverse systems (girders) types U- 250Q, U-300Q, U-350Q, P-500Q
Distance between the girder and the optical axis 1260mm
Power supply 220W~ +/-15% *7,5А
Maximum speed 3 m/s
Maximum acceleration 1,9 m/(s2)
Maximum/minimum temperature 313/233 К; (+40/-30)°С
Relative air humidity 80%