3D system «ACTIVE CAM»

The 3D system system «Active Cam» is intended for moving of an object to the points of space defined in coordinates X, Y, Z (3D a variant) or X, Y (2D a variant).

There are such moved objects as:


  • the gyro-stabilized platform Active Head (complete with camera) for shootings on the big concert areas, open-space areas, sports events, stadiums. Also it is possible to use for shootings of the movies with a platform for heavy cameras (3D).
  • The actor, the stuntman (creation of the combined shootings and effects of flight)
  • Elements of scenery, screens and etc. (for creation of powerful visual effects in auditorium)

The trajectory of objects movement can be both programmed, and free (online). The working out level of equipment meets the world standards and modern technologies.

Technical characteristics of the system:

Working area 150m х 150m
Distance between points of fastening Up to 250m
Speed Up to 10m/s (in any direction)
Power consumption (on the spool) 14kw
Quantity of spools 5 (4-bearing) (1 – with an optiko-fiber cable)
Rated load on the central slide 70 kg
Weight of panoramic head + camera and servo-drivers + electronics 48 kg
Total power supplies 75 kw (3h-phase – 380 V)
Camera HITACHI DK-H100
Interface of control RS-232

Maximum object speed is defined in each specific case and depends on the working area and load on the central slide.